• Cabins available for 4, 6, or 8 guests*
  • Electricity & heating in every cabin
  • Flannel sheets, pillow & comforter on each bed
  • Separate washroom facilities within easy walking distance from all cabins

*private accommodation available for an extra fee - please contact us before registration to ensure availability



  • Historic Lodge (built in 1922) with lounge & fireplace during Weekend Retreats
    • capacity of approximately 100 guests for an indoor wedding ceremony & reception
  • Family-style dining room with handmade round wooden tables
  • "Magic View" overlooking the lake with benches, campfire pit, deck chairs, etc.
  • Washrooms & shower houses
  • Beachfront with swim dock & diving board, canoes, kayaks, & deck with beach chairs

Please note...

  • We have a noise curfew of 11pm - all loud music must be shut off at this time, and we encourage socializing to happen indoors if your group includes night owls!
  • Due to the flammable nature of our log buildings, smoking on site is restricted to a limited area; candles and other open flames are not to be used in cabins.